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  • Do you give your beef antibiotics or steroids?
    We do not use antibiotics or steroids in our farm-to-table beef. If an animal were to require antibiotics to sustain life they would immediately be removed from our beef program!
  • Are your animals "grass-fed"?
    Our beef are something we title as "pasture-raised". They remain on open pasture for the entirety of their lives grazing on natural grasses. In addition to constant access to fresh pasture we supplement the beef with a small amount of locally grown barley. Each morning we bring them their barley treat, you should see their excitement when they hear our buckets clanging. This finishing method has been passed down in our family for 5 generations and is truly what sets us apart! The nutrient density of grass-fed combined with the perfect ratio of marbling makes for a savory one-of-a-kind product.
  • How do you keep the meat frozen during shipping?
    We utilize dry ice in all our shipments to ensure they arrive at your door frozen! In addition to this we use highly rated eco-friendly liners and insulated bags to extend the life of the freeze!
  • How much freezer space do I need?
  • How long will the beef last frozen?
    Beef can last in the freezer for years! Just last week we cooked up a steak from 2015 as an experiment, it was fantastic. We couldn't taste a difference! We flash freeze and vacuum seal all our beef products to ensure freshness.
  • Does your beef have a guarantee?
    Absolutely! We 100% stand behind our product. It speaks for itself! If you are not satisfied with your purchase just give us a call and we will make things right! This is our 100% money back guarantee!
  • Is the beef dry aged?
    Yes! We do a 14-21 day dry age to lock in the beef flavors and create a tender finished product.
  • Where are the animals processed?
    The beef are processed at our local USDA inspected Montana Premium Processing Coop in Havre, MT! Our head butcher there has over 12 years of meat processing experience. He is a wealth of knowledge. The processing facility was carefully constructed to be low stress for the animals. Thoughtful utilization of anti-anxiety animal handling methods ensure the animal is respected and honored. The facility was built with inspiration from Temple Grandin, if you've never heard of her she's worth a Google!
  • What is your mission?
    To unite the land, the animal, and the family at mealtime.
  • What breed are the cattle?
    The cattle in our beef program are black angus.
  • Are the beef ever sent to a feedlot?
    Absolutely not.
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