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Fall Beef deposits open July 30th at 8 AM MST! Mark your calendar!

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2 Lucky customers this Fall will receive a 7 cubic foot freezer absolutely FREE!


Entries are based on bundle size purchased!

Whole Beef: 8 Entries

Half Beef: 4 Entries

Quarter Beef: 2 Entries

Eighth Beef: 1 Entry

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Our Finishing Methods

Here at Darlington Ranch Co. we give our customers the ability to choose how they would like their beef finished! Select between our Hallmark "light-grain finish" or our 100% Grass fed/Grass finished options!

Read more below 👇🏽

Wheat Field

Light Grain Finish

Our approach at Darlington Ranch Co. is what sets our beef apart. While remaining on pasture the beef are supplemented with a small amount of locally grown barley grain. This method is something that has been passed down in our family for generations! The light grain finish adds tenderness and marbling to the beef, ensuring a savory mouth-watering flavor. The animal never sees a feedlot and is never locked up in confined spaces. Additionally, the cattle sure enjoy a tasty treat every day!  For decades this has been our family’s preferred method of finishing animals and we are delighted to share it with you!


Grass Finished

Our grass-fed beef remain out on green grass for the entirety of their lives grazing natural grasses in wide open spaces. These animals live off the land in its most authentic form. Drinking from natural water sources and spring fed reservoirs these animals will never be fed any amount of grain! The health benefits of Grass fed beef are a list a mile long

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