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The Darlington Ranch is a fifth-generation ranch located southeast of Big Sandy, MT. Our family has been stewarding the land since our early homestead days in 1916. We believe it all starts with the dirt we live on. Healthy soils create healthy plants. Healthy plants create healthy animals. We strive to promote the cowboy way and are committed to sustainable practices that will see our family continue to operate on this land for another 100 years.

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Our cattle roam the grasslands of Montana along the scenic Missouri River and the foothills of the Bears Paw Mountains. The landscape is largely unchanged since Lewis & Clark came through 220 years ago. Our cattle spend the entirety of their lives in pasture roaming wide open spaces. We have a firm belief that the best beef comes from the great state of Montana. 


Our beef is processed in a Montana facility by Montanans, the way it should be done. When buying meat from a grocery store, an individual does not truly know where the meat is coming from. Any meat that passes USDA inspection receives a "product of USA" label, regardless of if it comes from Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the United States or anywhere in between. Often the ground beef you find in stores is a mix of tens to hundreds of different animals from multiple origins ground together and placed in a single package. Our ground beef will always come from one animal and is processed at a small USDA inspected facility in the heart of Montana. We stick to our roots to ensure all steps of the beef chain remain local, in order to deliver a 100% pure Montana product.

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